Welcome to SRKC 2021

Swedish Rental Kart Championship 2021 will take place at Gokartcentralen in Kungälv, just outside of Gothenburg on the weekend of 10-12 December.

  • Minimum age: 13 (Dispensation can be given).
  • Four categories: Overall (everyone), Master (born before August 1982), Junior (born in August 2004 or later) and Mini (born in 2007 or later).
  • Every driver in the Overall/Master category have to weight 90kg. In the Junior category this limit is 75kg. Mini = 60kg. The karts have an electronic weight adjustment system and we can also add led weights (2,5kg and 5kg).
  • Entry fee for Overall/Masters: 300 SEK (deposit) + 960 = 1260 SEK (940 DKK/126 EUR)
  • Entry fee for Juniors: 150 SEK (deposit) + 960=1110 SEK (830 DKK/110 EUR)
  • Please observe that the deposit cannot be repaid.
  • Awards: The winner in each category will receive a free ticket to Kart World Championship (KWC 2022).
Race Layout
  • Five qualification heats/driver with the possibility to drop one of the results.
  • Round 1 and 2 is determined by the best lap times after eight laps.
  • Round 3,4 and 5 is determined by the race position after twelve laps. Before every heat in these rounds, there will be a flying lap to determine the start position. It is also mandatory to use the longcut twice in every heat within these rounds.
  • Point scoring system: 1st = 0p, 2nd = 2p, 3rd = 3p and so on… Double points will be awarded in the finals.
  • The 24 best ranked drivers after the five qualification rounds will move on to the semifinals (8 laps with 8 different karts). Afterwards the eight best ranked drivers will move on to the final (20 laps).
  • The driver who has scored the least amount of points after the final is the championship winner.
Gokartcentralen in Kungälv.