Preliminary rules for SRKC 2021

  • Minimum age is 13 (Dispensation can be approved).
  • There will be three classes. The Overall-class for every driver, a Master-class for drivers aged 40 or older (you have to reach the age of 40 ahead of KWC in July 2022) and a Junior class for drivers aged 17 or younger (you have to be 17 or younger in the end of July 2022).
  • Every driver in the Overall- and Masters-class have to weight 90kg (racing gear included). Juniors have to weight 75kg. The karts have a weight adjustment system. It is OK to use weight vests and other form of extra weights.
  • Heat draw will be managed December 10 at 17:30.
  • Kart draw will be managed December 11 at 08:00 (semifinal and final excepted). You cannot ask for any other kart except if there are any technical malfunctions with it.
  • Official practice sessions on Friday (December 10) between 14:00-21:00. During these sessions, you will be able to try the alternate route as well.
  • Radio Communication with the driver is not allowed.
Qualification heats
  • There will be five qualification rounds where the worst result can be withdrawn. The first two rounds will be settled by best lap time (the driver who gets the best lap time within 8 laps wins). Round 3, 4 and 5 will be settled by race position (the first driver who cross the finish line wins).
  • Before every qualification heat in round 3, 4 and 5, there will be one qualification lap (flying lap) to determine the start position. Thereafter it will be 12 laps racing to the finish line.
  • If two ore more drivers set the exact same lap time, the driver who got it first will be prioritized.
  • If you make a false start or fail to do the “run through” you will be penalized with a 5s time penalty for each fail.
  • In round 3, 4 and 5 it is mandatory to take an alternative route twice in each heat. It is not allowed to do this on the first lap. You are allowed to take this route during yellow flag situation.
  • If a minor accident occur, there will be no yellow flags or lights. Instead, the race director will have the possibility to slow down all karts by remote. The race is still active so continue to push the throttle down. You are allowed to use the alternate route during this situation.
  • If there occur any technical malfunctions with a kart or a large crash, the race will be stopped. The race will restart in an order that race director finds most fair according to who/what caused the stop. If 75% of the race have been completed, we will freeze the heat and not make a restart.
  • In case of unfair driving, you can get a 10s time penalty or be excluded from the heat. If you get excluded you will be placed last in that heat and you cannot withdraw this result from the scoreboard. All drivers that gets excluded will receive maximum points (8p).
  • Bad behavior on or beside the track by any driver or audience can also lead to some type of penalty. We will for example not tolerate violence or bad language towards marshals, race director or other drivers.
  • If you make an illegal overtake, you have to give up the position you gained to avoid a time penalty (Special flag will be used for this matter).
  • After each heat will, the top-three drivers get on the scale for a weight control. If any driver fail to reach 90kg (75kg for juniors), he/she will be excluded and placed last in that heat. The result cannot be withdrawn from the scoreboard.
Point scoring system
Finishing positionPoints

  • After the five qualification rounds with the worst result withdrawn for each driver, we will have a scoreboard. The 24 best drivers will be qualified to semifinals. The eight best juniors will go direct to the junior final.
  • If we have two or more drivers with the same amount of points, we will decide the rank according to amount of wins, amount of second places and so on. If there still is a tie between any drivers, we will check the result from the latest heat. Finally, we will compare the drivers best lap times.
  • In the semifinals, the points will be multiplied by 1.5 (0, 3, 4.5…) and in the finals by 2 (0, 4, 6…).
  • The semifinals will be divided according to the scoreboard rank as below schedule:
Semifinal ASemifinal BSemifinal C

  • In the semifinals, every driver will drive 8 flying laps in 8 different karts. The total time will count as the result. Best-ranked driver will start with the lowest index on the kart and so on.
  • Unfair behavior during this process, for example collecting dust/dirt before a kart swift, will be penalized and the driver will be excluded and receive maximum points (12p).
  • If there are any malfunctions with a kart, we will replace it with another kart (after some warm-up laps by the staff) and eventually re-run the last flying lap.
  • You cannot withdraw the result from the semifinal.
  • After the semifinals we will have a new scoreboard and the eight best drivers will move on to the final.
  • Same rules that were used during the qualification heats (round 3, 4 and 5) will be implemented in the final.
  • Exceptions: Race length = 20 laps. Starting grid and kart allocation will be determined by a procedure explained in Appendix A. You cannot withdraw the result from the final. Double points in the junior final.
  • The driver who has collected the least amount of points during the whole event will be the winner of the competition.
Lights/flags and sign
Green light = Race starts.
Red light = Major accident has occurred. Stop at the finish line. No overtakes.
Blue/yellow flag = You have made a “bad pass” and have to give the position back.
Black/white flag = 5s or 10s time penalty (5s = false start, 10s = unfair driving).
Black flag = You are excluded.
Chequered flag = Race is finished.

Unfair behavior during this process, for example collecting dust/dirt before a kart swift, will be penalized with a loss in the actual duel.

Revised: May 18, 2021