Nine years of tight and fair racing

Swedish Rental Kart Championship has always been kown for tight and fair racing from the first heat to the final. Below you will find every result, racing reports, photos and videos from earlier editions of SRKC.

2023 (Gokartcentralen, Kungälv)>>
2022 (Gokartcentralen, Göteborg)>>
2021 (Gokartcentralen, Kungälv)>>
2020 (Gokartcentralen, Kungälv)>>
2019 (Gokartcentralen, Kungälv)>>
2018 (Göteborgs Gokartcenter, Göteborg)>>
2017 (Go-karthallen, Linköping)>>
2016 (Go-karthallen, Linköping)>>
2015 (Go-karthallen, Linköping)>>

Szymon Wegrzyn, Victor Sparholt and Mateusz Bartsch on the podium in Kungälv 2023.