About SRKC

Swedish Rental Kart Championship is being held in Kungälv, 8-10 December 2023.
Entry fees: Junior – €180 (2100 SEK), Senior – €210 (2400 SEK).
Weekend Schedule: Friday – Practice sessions, Saturday – 5 qualification heats/driver, Sunday – Semifinals + Final.


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Registration for SRKC 2023

Finally, we can announce that registration for SRKC 2023 opens at June 1, 08:00. Semifinalists from SRKC 2022 will be prioritized as usual. Maximum number of drivers is set to 112, initially distrubuted on following Läs mer…

Polish Grand-Slam & Danish Dynamite

The eight edition of Swedish Rental Kart Championship is finished with success. Mini- and Junior-category was dominated by a trio of Polish drivers; Ziemowit, Franek Dobke and Tomek Bernadowski. When Sweden suffered with forest fire Läs mer…