About SRKC

Swedish Rental Kart Championship is being held in Gothenburg, 16-18 December 2022.
Entry fees: Junior – €170 (1800 SEK), Senior – €200 (2100 SEK).
Weekend Schedule: Friday – Practice sessions, Saturday – 5 qualification heats/driver, Sunday – Semifinals + Final.


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Polish Grand-Slam & Danish Dynamite

The eight edition of Swedish Rental Kart Championship is finished with success. Mini- and Junior-category was dominated by a trio of Polish drivers; Ziemowit, Franek Dobke and Tomek Bernadowski. When Sweden suffered with forest fire Läs mer…

Closing up on SRKC 2022

Less than three weeks to SRKC 2022 and the best way to prepare yourself as a driver is to study the regulations. We have just published the last version with some small adjustments. If you Läs mer…