About SRKC

Swedish Rental Kart Championship is being held in Kungälv, 8-10 December 2023.
Entry fees: Junior – €180 (2100 SEK), Senior – €210 (2400 SEK).
Weekend Schedule: Friday – Practice sessions, Saturday – 5 qualification heats/driver, Sunday – Semifinals + Final.


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Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Less than two weeks until SRKC 2023 which will be the ninth edition. Previous eight years, we have experienced some intense battles, dramatic finals and close but fair races. Therefore I thought Läs mer…

Registration for SRKC 2023

Finally, we can announce that registration for SRKC 2023 opens at June 1, 08:00. Semifinalists from SRKC 2022 will be prioritized as usual. Maximum number of drivers is set to 112, initially distrubuted on following Läs mer…