Welcome to SRKC 2025

Swedish Rental Kart Championship 2025 will take place at Racehall in Botkyrka, south of Stockholm on the weekend of 14-16 March.

  • Four main categories: Overall (everyone), Master (born before August 1985), Junior (born in August 2008 or later) and Mini (born in 2012 or later).
  • Every driver in the Overall/Master category have a minimum weight of 90kg. In the Junior category this limit is 75kg. Mini = 55kg. We can add ballast units (2,5kg, 5kg and 10kg).
  • Entry fee for Overall/Masters: 250 EUR
  • Entry fee for Juniors/Mini: 210 EUR
  • Please observe that the deposit cannot be repaid.
  • Awards: The winner in each category (except Mini) will receive a free ticket to Kart World Championship (KWC 2025).
Race Layout
  • Five qualification heats/driver with the possibility to drop one of the results.
  • Round 1 and 2 is determined by the best lap times after five flying laps.
  • Round 3,4 and 5 is determined by the race position after ten laps. Before every heat in these rounds, there will be a flying lap to determine the start position. It is also mandatory to use the longcut twice in every heat within these rounds.
  • Point scoring system: 1st = 1p, 2nd = 2p, 3rd = 3p and so on…
  • The 48 best ranked overall drivers, 32 junior drivers and 16 mini drivers after the five qualification rounds will move on to the semifinals (15 laps). Afterwards the 16 best ranked drivers (8 in mini category) will move on to the final (20 laps).
  • The driver who has scored the least amount of points after the final is the championship winner.
Racehall in Botkyrka.