Registration for SRKC 2023

Finally, we can announce that registration for SRKC 2023 opens at June 1, 08:00. Semifinalists from SRKC 2022 will be prioritized as usual. Maximum number of drivers is set to 112, initially distrubuted on following sub-categories: Overall (64 drivers), Junior (32 drivers) and Mini (16 drivers).

Weight information

We will only use two steps (two red lights) when it comes to the electronic weight adjustment system. Gokartcentralens staff have tested the system carefully and we conclude each lamp to equal 10kg. We will produce some led weights (8×2,5kg + 8x5kg) to compensate the system. Hence, every driver will Läs mer…

New Date for SRKC 2021

The Third Chance Is The Charm! We are looking forward to the second half of 2021 where it should be possible to race against the best rental kart drivers in Europe again. Together with Gokartcentralen in Kungälv we will host SRKC 2021 in the weekend of 10-12 December.