The next edition of SRKC will be organized together with Racehall at their new facility south of Stockholm on March 14-16, 2025.

🇸🇪 We are excited to try something different and Racehall Stockholm can offer the largest indoor track in Sweden. The main reason for choosing a different track than previous years is to give some other drivers the benefit of home advantage.

📝 Pre-registration will be possible on May 1 and as usual, all semi finalists from last year are prioritized. You can pre-register by contacting me (Glenn) in preferable way.

🔜 We will get back shortly with more information about regulation, race layout, deposit etc.

🇩🇰 It will unfortunately not be any SRKC 2024 but instead, we strongly recommend DRKC 2024 on August 24-25 ➡️

Stay tuned 🏁

Best regards

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