Welcome to SRKC 2021

Swedish Rental Kart Championship 2021 was planned to be held at Gokartcentralen in Kungälv, just outside of Gothenburg. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we have decided to postpone the event indefinitely. More info will follow later in the year.

  • Minimum age: 13 (Dispensation can be given).
  • Three categories: Overall (everyone), Master (drivers with the age of 40 or older) and Junior (maximum age = 17).
  • Every driver in the Overall/Master category have to weight 90kg. In the Junior category this limit is 75kg. Ballast units are available at the track.
  • Entry fee for Overall/Masters: 300 SEK (deposit) + 1150 = 1450 SEK (1020 DKK/140 EUR)
  • Entry fee for Juniors: 150 SEK (deposit) + 1150=1300 SEK (920 DKK/120 EUR)
  • Please observe that the deposit cannot be repaid.
  • Awards: The winner in each category will receive a free ticket to Kart World Championship (KWC 2021).
Race Layout
  • Six qualification heats/driver with the possibility to drop one of the results.
  • Round 1,2 and 5 is determined by the best lap times after eight laps.
  • Round 3,4 and 6 is determined by the race position after twelve laps. Before every heat in these rounds, there will be a flying lap to determine the start position. It is also mandatory to use the longcut twice in every heat within these rounds.
  • Point scoring system: 1st = 0p, 2nd = 2p, 3rd = 3p and so on… Double points will be awarded in the finals.
  • The 24 best ranked drivers after the six qualification rounds will move on to the semifinals (16 laps). Afterwards the eight best ranked drivers will move on to the final (20 laps).
  • The driver who has scored the least amount of points after the final is the championship winner.
Gokartcentralen in Kungälv.