This year has been very special due to the pandemic and everything has been on a stand-by-mode. We are looking forward to a healthier 2021 and hopefully the COVID-19 situation get better at the end of March (27th-28th), when we plan to race SRKC 2021. Because of the circumstances, we have decided to change the race layout, which you can read more about in the latest version of the regulation on this website (SRKC 2021 –> Regler).

The pandemic has also resulted in a more compact calendar for the rental kart community and unfortunately IEKC 2021 will host their event on the very same date as SRKC 2021. It might lead to less foreign drivers but you should know that you are always welcome to Sweden 🙂

We will soon start to collect the deposit for SRKC 2021 and drivers who are on the entry list today, will be prioritized until the end of 2020 (December 31st).

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